!!! Horny Net Geeks !!!

public - created 04/05/04
This is for all the horndogs out there who unashamed to say they log on to looking for sexual interaction (eventually in r/l or all online).

HNG's are a widely maligned group of men because we are perceived as
a) wanting nothing but sex. no bonding, foreplay, romance, long term relationship, or conversation
b) apt to disappear after we've gotten ours
c) unwilling to work for the pleasure of our partner

** (other misconceptions will be put here in due time) **

Certainly, there are plenty of horny net geeks out there who are like this, and I'm not here to judge them, but not ALL HNG's are like that.

Horny net geeks simply are horny people - men and women alike (although it seems in the real world, they are mostly men) - who log on in search of sexual interaction and thrills, online and/or with someone they plan on meeting in real life. RSS Feed what is XML?
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